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Whatever your leadership needs, our time-tested and innovative approach lets clients maximize resources, confidently activate their leadership strategy, and attract the leaders who can release the organization’s full potential.

Executive Search

Payroll solutions that payoff. Faster, easier Payroll for a happier, more productive team. Integrated payroll services provide effortless solutions according to your business requirements. Everything is documented digitally and HR process is streamlined.

Payroll Solutions

We focus on hiring qualified and talented candidates that are willing to grow with your company over time. We offer permanent recruitment and contractual recruitment, whether you are an individual job seeker looking or a company looking for specialists.

Staffing & Recruitment Services

Neon Tech deals with specific area in which you have more knowledge (or) experience. In the IT industry candidates are recruited based on their niche skills such as machine learning, data engineering, data visualization, artificial intelligence, Java programming, and cloud computing and many more.

Niche skills Hiring


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With decades of experience in IT recruitment, we know how to find the right candidates for permanent and temporary job opportunities. Our recruiters are having deep understanding of IT industry and its staffing needs , ensuring that when discussing hiring requirements, they understand exact technical requirements of each complex role.

We Privide Permentnt Recruitment, Contractual Recruitment, Execurtive Search, Payrole Solutions, and much more.

We serve Healthcare, Information Technology, Banking, E-Commerce, Automobile, Media & Entertinement, advertisement Industries.

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